Gianna Homes Nurses Celebrated Nurses week by attending a nursing salon in the home of Marie Manthey. Marie is famed for creating the Primary Nursing model of care right here in Minnesota. Once a month, Marie opens her home to nurses to discuss what is on your mind related to the profession of nursing. Katie and Marie connect at the Leading Age Nursing Symposium and as nurses’ week approached, it was clear that we wanted to celebrate with one of the great innovators of our profession.

The foundational principle about primary nursing is the relationship component between nurse and care recipient. This very much aligns with the philosophy of care at Gianna Homes as we strive to build those special relationships with the ones we serve. Katie, Alex, and Abbie were given the opportunity to talk about the challenges in the field as we see it and learn from others during this time of great conversation.

One of the key themes in the discussion was about nurses and self-care. Gianna Homes strives for good work life balance for our whole team. We know that we cannot give the high level of care we provide with an empty well. Our nurses’ week celebration was a really great way to connect and reflect on our nursing practice. It provided an opportunity to learn from other professionals, network, and receive encouragement.
The nursing team left feeling inspired and refreshed and more proud to be in this great profession for caring for others.

For more information on Marie Manthey’s Nursing Salon, check out her website here.

For more information on a career in nursing at Gianna Homes, visit our careers page.