Tonneli Christianson

Life Engagement Coordinator


I was born in Bemidji, Minnesota and graduated from high school in 1981.  My mom is retired from BSU and my dad had his own sawmill/lumber business.  My grandparents lived across the road from us on a farm and my other grandparents owned a resort on Grace Lake, nearby.  So as a kid growing up, I felt I had the best of both worlds!  I have one brother who is married with 3 grown kids.  I live in Plymouth with my significant other of 30 years (not married/no kids, but have a shih tzu named Beavis).

Garry and I are both collectors.  We belong to the Hamm’s Club (memorabilia relating to Hamm’s beer) and I collect Barbie Dolls.

I worked for Musicland Group (corporate office of Sam Goody, Suncoast, Media Play and On Cue stores) for close to 20 years as an Operations Coordinator.  I had the opportunity to meet many different celebrities and artists and my house is full of music and movies from that era.

After being laid off from a job, my journey took a career change.  I started helping out a couple of friends; Florence, who was 90 and Cleo, who was 95.  I realized how much I enjoyed spending time with them – talking about their memories and journaling their stories and genealogy.  It combined some of my interests (genealogy, photography and writing).  From there I have worked in a couple different senior living communities in activities.  I feel so blessed that my journey has brought me to Gianna Homes, especially because I am very faith based and spiritual.