In our person-centered approach to memory care, meaningful life engagement opportunities become the essence of the lives of cognitively impaired people.  The program we provide at Gianna Homes changes the experience with Alzheimer’s disease from a “long-goodbye” to a positive life experience!  Our approach to care is designed so that our residents experience life.  Three elements of our program make this happen.

what we offer

Trained Caregivers

Most important are the caregivers. They are highly trained and adapt easily to the unique routines, behaviors, and preferences of each resident.

Life Engagement Opportunities

Gives a client the chance to continue
interests such as Art, Music Therapy and Massage Therapy. These are all important to the overall well-being
of each client.

Residential Environment

Third is ambiance. At Gianna Homes we maintain an environment that nurtures and embraces life experiences for our residents.

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