Campaign Updates

Anne Marie Hansen provides a look at how the fundraising campaign is going so far. 

Illuminate The World Around You


Together we can help illuminate the path of one person with dementia

What is your Gianna Homes story? Will you donate…

In Memory Of

If you’ve ever lost a beloved to dementia, you know exactly what that journey is like. Donate in memory of a friend of family member to make sure that anyone can get the care they need.

In Honor Of

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is receiving care through Gianna Homes, your donation helps them and others receive the best care possible.

As A Friend of Gianna Homes

For those of you who may not have a personal connection, but believe in our mission, for you we are ever grateful.

Illuminate the Darkness of Dementia Matching Donor Campaign

The daughter of a past resident has graciously promised a dollar for dollar match up to $50,000 of what we can raise by Thanksgiving Day. She has chosen to remain anonymous but has shared her story of how dementia impacted her family. She speaks of how the gift of her father’s smile in the last stage of her father’s dementia illness brightened the hearts of her mother and her sister when dad seemed mostly gone. Her hope is that together we can brighten the journey for those here at GIanna Homes living in the darkness that this disease casts on all those who it comes in contact with. 

Previous Campaign Updates

Give to the MAX 2019

Hello. Today is Give to the Max Day. I'm sure you've seen your inbox is inundated, and you've seen it on billboards around town, about Give to the Max today, which is a big deal for a lot of nonprofits here in the Minnesota area and in...

Help us brighten the path of someone with dementia. 

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Thank You For Honoring Us With Your Stories!

Gianna Homes is Family

Gianna Homes is Family

Gianna Homes became family to us as we lived each day supporting my dear aunt Sam as she lived with dementia. Sam enjoyed the relationships of staff, other residents and their families and activities especially music and yoga. Thank you Anne Marie and Gianna family! -...

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In Memory Of Sylvester

In Memory Of Sylvester

I still love to go on the Gianna website and see what's going on there. When I am missing my Dad,Sylvester, it comforts me to look at the butterfly release video and see him with my sister, being so well- cared -for. Miss you, Dad.

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