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  • Anne Marie Hansen
  • Patty Henjum, NP
  • Terrence Kopp
  • David "Skip" Orlady

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  • Jayna Locke
  • Paul Mooty

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Minnesota Department of Health

  • Assisted Living License
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Hennepin County

Contract for Community Based Care for Assisted Living and Housing with Services under the Elderly Waiver and Alternative Grant programs. (Participation in these programs is limited by the county; for more information, please contact us at 952-988-0953 or via email.

Association Membership

  • Care Provider's of Minnesota
  • AHCA
  • National Association of Assisted Livings
  • Catholic Medical Association
  • Residential Care Providers of MN

Testimonials & References

  • Thank you for bringing Dad into your home. We are so pleased with how successful his transition has been. We attribute that to the tremendous care and attention everyone at Gianna has given him.

    Sister of a Resident
    July 2003

  • We had toured many facilities and we seemed to leaning toward a more traditional facility. . . When we toured your home, I knew this was exactly where Dad should be. Your professionalism, compassion, and genuine concern for both Mom's and Dad's well-being confirmed our belief that this was the right place.

    Daughter of a Resident
    December 2002

  • You are the answer to a prayer we began three years ago, and I am sure there are many other families who will have their prayers answered in the future. We are grateful to you . . . You are a blessing.

    Daughter of a Resident
    August 2003

  • Thanks so much for all of your tender care. What a difference. You all were incredible.

    Daughter and Son of a Resident
    May 2003

  • Just a note to say thanks for taking such good care of my mother. You will always have a close place in the hearts of our family.

    Children of a Resident
    September 2000

  • Our family thanks you for all of the attention and concern you and the staff showed for Dad while he was in the hospital. We so feared how the trauma of an ambulance ride would affect him. We were so grateful when Jeff (Gianna Homes staff RN) agreed to accompany Dad. It was a relief knowing Dad was with someone who cared and knew him so well.

    "As we dealt with the information that was thrown at us, we appreciated Jeff's support as we considered all of our options and what would be in Dad's best interest. That support was carried through to Dad's bedside. We have no doubt that if Dad went to a nursing home he had no hope of coming out. It still brings tears to our eyes. Right then and there Jeff confirmed every reason why Dad is at Gianna.

    "Tuesday, Jeff, Claudette, and Eleana shocked us all by getting Dad dressed, out of bed, and resting comfortably in a chair. They accomplished in less than 24 hours what the hospital couldn't do in four days. When mom walked in, she just broke down with tears of joy. All of you are amazing."

    "We can't begin to express to you just what an overwhelming relief it is to have Dad back in your care. You are a blessing.

    Daughter of a Resident
    August 2001

  • We want to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff. It is a testament of a caring staff to see the true spirit and essence of a husband, father and grandfather so dearly loved. Alzheimer's has stripped him of many characteristics, but it is through that spirit that we find the loving man now totally dependent on our loving him. With God's grace we have found a place that not only recognizes this, but also honors it. God bless you all and the care you give right from your hearts!

    Family of a Resident
    December 2001

  • Where do I begin to express our gratitude for all of the care and love Dad and our family have received from Gianna?

    "When Dad had his second seizure, it was Claudette's (Gianna Homes senior aide) cool thinking during the crisis and years of experience, Kimberly's calming touch, and Naomi's ability to reach Dad that allowed him, once again, to be brought through this physical trauma with the least amount of harm to his emotional and spiritual being. God truly blessed us when he brought these wonderful caregivers to your door and we thank God for each of them.

    "Jeff's professionalism and willingness to come out in the middle of the night was a tremendous comfort when we thought death was close at hand for my father. It was Jeff's gentle guidance that truly made that evening a beautiful gift rather than a tragic evening.

    "Anne-Marie we can't begin to tell you what it meant to have you there with us. It was like having another member of the family. Your ability to answer so many of our questions was a tremendous comfort. I just had to cry because your attention to every detail demonstrated not only your expertise, but it was one more sign that Dad was were he was meat to be-in the loving care of those that know him so well.

    Daughter of a Resident
    December, 2002

To contact other families who have entrusted the care of their loved ones to Gianna Homes, please contact Cari at 952-443-6113 or use our contact form here.