Our Vision

Memory Care

Gianna Homes is a trusted senior care facility providing cutting-edge treatment in the intimacy of a home setting. We firmly believe individualized care is a must for a disease that is associated with such varying feelings and emotions as insecurity, fear, anger and depression. Although our care is based on research and experience, it is delivered straight from the heart.

Our Future Development Plans


Gianna Hospice provides the comforting surroundings of a home environment to people of all ages, combined with our excellent standards for medical care. Gianna Hospice is small enough to remain clearly focused on our patients as a whole, as well as their loved ones, during this difficult time.

Day Care

Gianna Adult Day Care offers families the opportunity to leave their loved one in a trusted, home-model setting on a short term basis. This is an ideal opportunity for those not yet ready to move into our full-time Memory Care facility, as well as those waiting to enter our full-time Memory Care facility, with the same high standards of individualized care including all-important intergenerational interaction. Participation in Gianna’s Adult Day Care provides a seamless transition into Memory Care.

Women’s Home

Gianna Home for Women is an all-volunteer transitional home where women experiencing personal difficulties – from sexual abuse to short term health challenges such as cancer treatment – may come for healing, counseling, guidance and support. Operating entirely on donations, Gianna Home for Women provides these women with a free, warm and comforting alternative to a shelter.

Gianna Homes Sursum Corda is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that provides financial assistance to those who cannot otherwise afford Gianna’s services. Governed by a Board of Directors, this Foundation plays an essential role in raising the funds necessary to ensure that Gianna’s exceptional level of care is available to a broad spectrum of people from within our community regardless of their financial situation.

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