Our Approach to Care

In our person-centered approach to residential care, activities become the essence of the lives of cognitively impaired people. The program we provide at Gianna Homes changes the experience with Alzheimer's disease from a "long - goodbye" to a positive life experience! Our approach to care is designed so that our residents experience life. Three elements of our program make this happen.


Most important are the caregivers. They are highly trained and adapt easily to the unique routines, behaviors, and preferences of each resident.

Appropriate Medication

Next is the fine art of the appropriate use of medications to enhance life experience without diminishing personality.


Third is ambiance. At Gianna Homes we maintain an environment that nurtures and embraces life experiences for our residents.

A Typical Day

It is our goal to offer a variety of activities that address and validate the social, sensory, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of our residents. Programming is structured around the residents' interest and abilities so that residents can truly participate and enjoy the day's events.


  • Wake-Up
  • Breakfast and Coffee
  • Grooming, Beauty, and Cares
  • Daily Devotions
  • Rest or Massage
  • Exercises
  • Group Art Activity


  • Lunch
  • Rest/Nap
  • One to One friendly visits
  • Group music therapy session, walks in the garden, reading, and other resident-centered programming
  • Snack
  • Exercises
  • Sensory or reminiscing activity


  • Light Dinner
  • Evening socialization on the deck or by the fireside
  • Cares and prepare for bed
  • Sleep

Our LIFECARE® Services

Healthcare is a 'ministry' of caring and love and it is our distinct honor and privilege to care for those suffering with dementia. Dementia care is best provided by caring for the whole person - care for physical needs must be accompanied by spiritual and emotional care.

We have a Registered Nurse (RN) on staff, and an RN on call 24 hours a day. Our Health Care Staff to Resident ratio is among the highest in the entire industry.

We provide three (3) meals per day plus snacks throughout the day and encourage the drinking of fluids by offering them frequently throughout the day.

  • Home cooked nutritious meals every day (special diet accommodation provided)
  • Regular Snacks
  • Highly Monitored Hydration Program

Research has proven that a loving, structured, and intimate home environment successfully fulfills the needs of both the individual affected by Alzheimer's and their family members. Our walkout rambler, situated on one and one-half acres of wooded land, is a secure environment that offers the intimacy of a home setting.

We provide patient, personal care. Our high staff to resident ratio allows us to cater to our residents' needs without imposing a strict program or schedule. We firmly believe individualized care is a must for a disease that is associated with such varying feelings and emotions as insecurity, fear, anger and depression.

  • A Structured Home Environment
  • A Non-Invasive Security System
  • Private and Semi-Private Suites
  • Laundry and Housekeeping Services
  • Handicap Accessibility throughout the home

There is an extensive security system installed throughout the home for resident safety and protection. We are also monitored for continual, 24-hour fire and 911 services.

The home has been remodeled for total handicap accessibility. There is ample room for residents to wander or find a comfortable spot for privacy, activities, or family get-togethers.

We encourage as much independence as possible. Because we maintain a high staff to resident ratio, we can give residents time to respond to requests and instructions. As residents progress through the disease, we offer the level of care that he or she needs up to and including the point when the resident is dependant upon us for his or her total care.

We do not believe in using medications to 'control' behaviors but only to enhance an individual's quality of life. We use redirection, activities, spirituality, and unconditional love to work with difficult behaviors - with very impressive results.

We believe activities that revolve around the daily jobs and duties that one would do at home can enrich a resident's quality of life.

We strive to encourage residents to participate in their own personal cares, as well as share in some of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other daily activities of our household.

A Board Certified Music Therapist, our staff, and volunteers also provide recreational activities throughout the day which vary from group and individual music therapy sessions, art work activities, sensory activities, exercises, walks, barbecues on the patio, picking flowers in the garden, outings, reading, mind joggers, and more. Guest musicians and performers visit regularly.

However, we do not attempt to provide structured activity throughout the entire day. Gianna Homes is not a nursing home. We are a home and we have set up our environment here to reflect just that. Rather, we provide opportunities to engage and interact that best suit the needs of the resident.

We frequently provide intergenerational activities and encourage families to spend time with their loved one in residence at Gianna Homes. We host family events and holidays throughout the year so all the different families can get to know each other. We have a lending library with books and videos on dementia care for the families and staff to use as they please. We support the family members of our residents on an ongoing basis and address their questions and concerns as they arise. We encourage families to join an Alzheimer's Association support group.

We provide as much care as the resident needs, based upon his or her level of independence.

We prepare a care and service plan with each family when an individual moves into our home. This plan includes the level of care, special needs, routines, and family requests. This plan is reviewed and updated with the family and the Director of Nursing as needed.

We do not believe in using restraints at Gianna Homes. We will consider bed rails if it will enhance the resident's safety and if the family and doctor have agreed to this.

The Director of Nursing monitors medications on a regular basis.

The Director of Nursing and our staffing team monitor all conditions and changes. The RN notifies families of any care needs or changes.

We communicate with families regularly through formal and informal meetings to keep them appraised of their loved one's well-being. At a minimum, we have a Care Conference every 6 months or more frequently as requested.

We have volunteer pastors and priests from the community come in regularly for communion/spiritual services.

Volunteers and staff lead daily devotions of prayer, readings, and reflection to the needs of the residents.

As residents progress, volunteers specifically trained in BeFriender ministry provide a listening and peaceful presence to those on hospice or experiencing end-of-life issues.

We carefully listen to the resident and his or her family's spiritual views to help us develop a therapeutic support system that provides spiritual care and comfort.

  • Manicures and pedicures by staff
  • Perm/Color/Hi Lights (as billed by the operator)
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • All toiletries
  • All incontinence products
  • Haircuts and styles

A full time Board Certified Music Therapist provides individual and group musical experiences to address emotional and spiritual support, encourage social interactions, promote life review, increase movement and other goals as needed.

Validation Therapy techniques are frequently implemented by the staff to reduce agitation and anxiety through non-invasive methods and reduce the need for pharmaceuticals.

Physical therapists may be contracted to address the physical needs of our residents.

A massage therapist visits regularly.

Gianna Homes supports the Eden Alternative and regularly houses birds. Beautiful landscaping and many house-plants also add to a vibrant environment.

  • Incontinence Products
  • Personal Hygiene Care Products
  • Cosmetics

Services Offered at an Additional Fee

(These services may be available to residents on site. Please inquire for more details.)
  • Escort by RN to Doctor Appointments
  • Escort by Gianna staff to Special Family Events
  • Companion Services
  • Medication / Pharmaceutical Services
  • X-Ray Services
  • Tailor / Seamstress Services
  • Bill Paying and Financial Management
  • Moving Services
  • Special Equipment
  • Physical Therapy
  • Doctors and Nurse Practitioners
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