Gianna Homes is blessed by individuals who give their time and talent to help us serve our residents.

Experience the joy of volunteer work at Gianna Homes. Answering the call to serve others can not only brighten the life of those with memory issues, but this gift may also bring fulfillment to the volunteer. It is our vision that volunteers provide residents with loving care that respects residents’ dignity, uniqueness, and life, and in turn, volunteers will find spiritual and emotional satisfaction in their work. Volunteers receive training in dementia, communication strategies, and specific job skills. Volunteers may work as an individual, as a family, or as part of a school group. Time commitments are negotiable and any talent contributed will be met with the utmost appreciation. Start realizing the joy of spending time with our older generation!


Meal Time Helper

  • Serve meals to residents, assist those who require help eating, clear plates, and load dishwasher.

Special Friend/ Companion

  • “Adopt” a resident to visit regularly, take out to coffee, or join in a stroll through our garden. Younger residents may enjoy a trip to the movies, mall, or go out to lunch.

Fancy Fingers and Feet

  • Lotion hands and paint fingernails. Pamper residents with foot soaks and conversation.

Environmental Music Maker

  • Provide appropriate music in home for residents and families during mealtimes or in the afternoon.

Resident Artist and Crafter

  • Lead a resident-friendly craft or activity.

Maintenance Helper

  • Help with jobs around the house, cleaning, scrubbing, lawn care, garden work, shoveling, etc.


  • Provide a loving and listening presence to those in their end-of-life stages.

To discuss your intentions with us, please contact us at 952-443-6106 or fill out the Volunteer form below.

  • Volunteer Intake Form

    Download the Volunteer Intake Form PDF using the link below. You can fill out the form electronically using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Save the completed PDF, attach below, and select "Submit" to include it with the rest of your information. Volunteer Intake Form (PDF)
  • The Volunteer Application form requests a photo. If you cannot provide one at this time, please note in the "Additional Information" box and other arrangement can be made.
  • The Volunteer Application form requests a copy of your photo I.D. If you cannot provide it at this time, please note in the "Additional Information" box and other arrangement can be made.