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Memory Care Facility Plymouth

Searching for memory care in Plymouth can be difficult. There are plenty of options, but how do you know which memory care facility or service will provide the best care? Before making important elder care decisions, you need to pay close attention to the history of the organization, read testimonials, tour the location, and speak with representatives. It’s also important to look into a typical day at the home, and consider how your loved one would fit into the culture of the home. All these tasks can be difficult, but finding quality memory care in Plymouth makes it all worth it.

Memory Care at Gianna Homes

Here at Gianna Homes, we have been serving the Plymouth, MN community since 1999. We are locally owned and operated, and we believe that proper memory care requires individualized care. No one is the same, and individualized care allows us to effectively handle the varying feelings and emotions that are associated with memory loss. Our mission is to provide the Plymouth area with “a loving kindness that respects the dignity of each resident.”  Our approach is based on extensive research and experience, but is always delivered straight from the hearts of our dedicated caregivers.

Memory Care in Plymouth MN

Our Memory Care Services in Plymouth

We offer memory care in Plymouth that takes many forms. From in-home care to our residential nursing homes, we have options to fit the unique needs of anyone.

With our experience in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, we understand the difficulties of living in a new environment. Change is scary, especially when dealing with memory loss. We work hard to meet the needs of these individuals by offering life engagement and therapy opportunity alongside our memory care in Plymouth.

Life Engagement: Offers a client the chance to continue their interests such as Art, Music Therapy, and Massage Therapy. These are all important to the overall well-being of each client.

Music Therapy: This is a huge part of who we are, and we have found great success in 1:1 sessions.

Massage Therapy: This provides the client an opportunity for a foot, hand, shoulder, or arm massage to help comfortable and happy living.

No one wants to move out of home and into a facility. That’s why we don’t think of ourselves as a memory care facility, but rather a memory care home. We offer a residential environment that is comforting, familiar, and helps residents experience a normal life. When the time comes to move out of your current home, we can offer a new one.

Our Specialties:

  • Alzheimer’s Care in Plymouth
  • Dementia Care in Plymouth
    • Lewy Body Dementia Care (LBD)
    • Frontotemporal dementia care (FTD)
    • Vascular dementia care
  • Huntington’s Care in Plymouth
  • In-Home Care
    • 24 hour on-call availability
    • Assistance with daily living
  • RN Case Management

Dementia Care in Plymouth

Our staff is experienced with caring for individuals dealing with Lewy Body Dementia (LBD), Frontotemporal dementia (FTD), and Vascular dementia.

Trained Caregivers

The most important aspect of memory care is the caregivers. Our caregivers are highly trained and adapt easily to the unique routines, behaviors, and preferences of each resident.

Alzheimer's Care in Plymouth

Our team of professionals is experienced with Alzheimer’s Disease and its unique challenges, and able to take great care of individuals dealing with it.

Plymouth Memory Care Locations

Nearest Location

Gladys Place

10210 28th Ave N.

Plymouth, MN 55441

Memory Care Home Plymouth

2nd Closest Location

Sursum Corda

4605 Fair Hills Road East

Minnetonka, MN 55345

Alzheimer's Care Near Plymouth, MN

Testimonial about our Memory Care Homes

“I have never experienced a staff who are so committed to what they do”

“They helped make his final months, for us, tolerable and loving, and that’s the greatest gift anyone could’ve given to us at that time”

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