Gladys' Place

About the Home

Gianna Homes – Gladys’ Place is a contemporary style, 3 story home, surrounded by mature trees and located in a quiet residential neighborhood of Plymouth.

The open floor plan of this home provides a gracious and warm environment for 6 residents with memory loss to live. The home boasts spacious resident rooms, 3 large handicap bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, deck with views of the woods and neighborhood, two family rooms with fireplaces and an elevator.

There is a generous amount of natural light, as well as artificial lighting to maintain the safety of our residents as they age and sight and gait diminish.

The home is modestly but tastefully decorated to promote independence and comfort. Call us today to arrange your personal tour of Gladys’ Place in Plymouth.


10210 28th Ave N.
Plymouth, MN 55441

Gladys' Story

Many of you knew the vibrant, loving and generous Gladys, who was wife, mother, sister, neighbor and friend. When Gladys' family brought her to live at Gianna Homes, she was fairly advanced on her journey with memory loss. Bob, Tina, Chris and Cheryl—all of whom had been caring for her for many years—shared insights about Gladys’ likes and dislikes, and her spunky way of dealing with the world around her. As she adjusted to her new home, she quickly stole our hearts with her beautiful smile and glowing eyes.

In the years that Gladys lived with us, her family befriended residents and their families. Everyone who entered our doors—be it visitor or volunteer—was touched by their generosity of spirit. Bob used to joke that he was one of our staff and often wondered aloud when he would get on the payroll. Seriously though, he always jumped in to help wherever he was needed. The staff truly miss his daily presence, much of which was spent coaxing his dear Gladys to eat.

In her final days, a certain luminosity emanated from Gladys’ face. A woman quick to meet the needs of others, a mother who raised loving children, and a wife who ‘glowed with love’ whenever she heard Bob’s voice, shined with pure joy and love as she peacefully and ever so gently passed from this world to the next on November 13, 2013.

One would think that this outpouring of kindness would be legacy enough. But if you know the Kauffman family, they like to exceed expectations. Like Gladys, her family has a passionate commitment to make this world a better place for others, which led them to benevolently assist us in opening a second home for those suffering from memory loss. Gladys’ Place, named in her honor, will live on as a testament of what unselfish love and generosity can do for the world around us. It seems to us there are those who come into this world and sprinkle so much angel dust that they leave it a far better place. As Bob said to us after Gladys had passed, “she now has her angel wings,” and we couldn’t agree more.

About Gladys

My mother loved, with undying passion, without judgment, and in a great variety of ways. She loved her family and she loved life. As children we were exposed to this love through her passion for cooking, sewing, and a constant out pouring of creative endeavors. When she married my father at nineteen she assumed the role of a pioneer woman living on a farm raising kids and animals. She and my father built a beautiful home almost singlehandedly all the while caring for three small children. In that home we learned how to live off the fruits of our labor and not to waste, we all belonged to the “clean plate club.” When my mother was caught up on items around the house she loved to entertain, so we would have great family barbeques and holiday dinners. Stories and laughs were shared so ours lives were rich in family culture steeped in love. Everyone left our house with home grown items to share from fresh picked to canned and pickled. We attended the Atco Presbyterian Church every Sunday, where my parents were married and learned about our loving God and Christianity and how to give back to the community through volunteering and donating. My mother helped with fundraisers to benefit the local volunteer fire department that my father was a member of. She raised us to understand that all endeavors were full family events and every one of us could participate in a meaningful way. She chaperoned and baked casseroles and even opened our home to field trips for kindergarten classes. She taught us to be responsible to our communities, to each other and for ourselves. Though we left the farm life in our teens, we kids carried forward the love of nurturing, growing and harvesting just as my parents did.

Our move to suburbia and the middle of the country gave mom a chance to enjoy different things. She became an avid painter and had a home gallery to show for it. She was friendly with all of her neighbors and was quick to lend a hand with an overwhelming chore or watch a few extra kids. Her focus was always our well being first and she encouraged us to try new things like team sports and drama. When a great opportunity opened for my father to relocate once again to Minnesota my mother optimized this move by finding a lake front property and again transformed to a different style of life. She learned to cook new dishes and immersed herself in the culture of the native Minnesotans, which she shared with us at every opportunity. She made pasties and beer-cheese soup and wild rice dishes. She loved learning about the new variety of flowers to grow and joined a neighborhood bible study. In an unusual turn of events my family was able to start a business of their own and again my mother embraced a new lifestyle as a machine shop owner. She learned how to read blue prints and how parts were made and sold. She learned how to deburr, count, and box parts. She made deliveries and picked up raw material when needed. She came up with a system to track paperwork, bills, and receivables, some of which is still used today at K-manufacturing. She was a strong, independent person and because my father always supported her efforts we kids learned that marriage is a true partnership with give and take on both sides.

No greater examples of loving parents are there than Gladys and Bob. Their selfless love is the example we all hope to achieve for ourselves. God’s plan for our family included the hardship of Alzheimer’s but through the course of the disease we were also blessed in many ways. We have had time to appreciate and spend with our mother knowing that today would be her best day and that the future would not bring a cure. We were destined for Gianna Homes and its presence in our inner circle has made us even more aware of the bond of family and the love of our mother. Through the love of staff at Gianna’s we have all become better people by watching their interactions with the residents and learning a higher level of respect for every life. My mother has been loved back by God and His grace surrounds her every moment of every day at Gianna’s. Gladys’ Place will be an extension of God’s love made in part possible through His generosity to our family.

—Cheryl, Daughter of Gladys

My mother has been loved back by God and His grace surrounds her every moment of every day at Gianna Homes. Gladys’ Place will be an extension of God’s love made in part possible through His generosity to our family.