Our Team Approach

The Role of Family

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We begin by recognizing the importance of family.

At Gianna Homes, we know we can never replace the love, care, concern, and expertise that family members bring to our team of caregivers. We feel that our role is to help and support the family in caring for their loved one.  In our approach, we are asking families to allow us to help them in the care of their loved one, to allow us to join them on their journey, and to let us shoulder some of the burden.

The Quality of our Staff

skilled nursing facility

Management at Gianna Homes believes in hiring individuals based on character and personality first, and then experience and skill.

It is our firm belief that it takes a special person to effectively work with our residents. Our first priority is to find people with a passion for the type of LIFE CARE we provide at Gianna Homes. Once we find someone with the appropriate values and integrity we can effectively teach and coach them in the skills they require.

Our staff are all Certified Nursing Assistants. Each of them has received additional special training in Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care, Adult CPR and First Aid, Medication Administration, Medical Ethics, Hospitality, Food Service, Validation Therapy Techniques, and Communication Skills.

As a skilled nursing facility, we require the highest standards and provide ongoing coaching, mentoring and training to each staff person. At Gianna Homes, we know we are only as strong as the weakest member of our TEAM. For this reason we emphasize communication, personal development, self-motivation, personal responsibility, honesty, and integrity as hallmarks in all of our on-going staff development efforts.

Our Leadership Methods

skilled nursing facility

As managers we lead by example first, and then assist each one of our staff to meet their career goals.

Management at Gianna Homes is committed to helping our staff develop as both individuals and professionals, building on their many talents and gifts.

We create a work environment that consistently values their individual input by:

  • Listening
  • Providing ongoing appreciation and coaching
  • Involving staff in the decision making processes for the organization
  • Giving positive affirmation and constructive feedback
  • Expecting individual accountability, team accountability, and mutual respect and concern
  • Showing understanding and flexibility
  • Supporting continuing education

Our Leadership Team

Anne Marie Hansen

Cari Doucette

Our Support Team


Cindy Fermanich





Supporting Care Services Providers



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Board of Directors




  • Anne Marie Hansen
  • David “Skip” Orlady

Advisory Board

  • Jayna Locke
  • Paul Mooty




Minnesota Department of Health

  • Assisted Living License
  • Housing with Services

City of Minnetonka

  • Board and Lodging
  • Food License

Hennepin County

Contract for Community Based Care for Assisted Living and Housing with Services under the Elderly Waiver and Alternative Grant programs (participation in these programs is limited by the county). For more information, please contact us at 952-988-0953 or via email.




  • Care Providers of Minnesota
  • AHCA
  • National Association of Assisted Living
  • Catholic Medical Association
  • Residential Care Providers of MN

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